What if this non-drug non-surgical solution had no side effects and was proven to significantly eliminate pain, popping and clicking in the jaw?

Imagine being able to chew food and gum again without jaw pain or headaches…..

How about being able to chew without the annoying popping and clicking sounds?

Or maybe finally get rid of that mouth guard needed at night?

Most people are told to just live with the pain. Some have to wear those uncomfortable mouth guards at night. None of those are actually fixing the underlying damage that is causing the jaw pain and symptoms. Unfortunately those people suffer for a long time with chronic jaw pain and symptoms. That may not have to be the case for you!

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Dr. Schotzko is well respected throughout the community for helping these difficult cases. He is also one of the top rated chiropractors in the entire twin cities so you can rest assured that you will get the most professional and specialized care possible.

Most people who suffer with jaw problems have been dealing with it for months to years with little to no relief. Because we all have to yawn, talk, eat, smile and drink the average person will use their jaw 100’s to1000’s of times EVERY DAY.

According to Dental Research, the most common cause of facial pain is TMJD (temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder), or more commonly referred to as “TMJ.”

TMJD is a broad term for a range of disorders displaying some of the signs below:

  • Jaw pain and teeth grinding
  • Painful jaw popping, clicking, and locking when eating, talking, or yawning
  • Limited or altered jaw range of motion
  • Radiating pain in the head, face, neck, or shoulders
  • Symptoms also include headaches, earaches, dizziness, and difficulty swallowing

TMJD can have many different causes but the damage typically is always in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage of the jaw and joint. This damage if not rehabbed and corrected properly will lead to chronic pain and degeneration because we use our jaws 100’s-1000’s of times each day. That constant stress and strain leads to more pain and problems as it gets worse over time.

Finally a Treatment That Works!

Many TMJD sufferers are either given a bite guard, medication to just cover up the symptoms or told to just deal with it. None of those approaches fix the problem. Our office offers a unique multi-treatment based approach to actually work on correcting and rehabbing the underlying damage in the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the jaw.

Laser Therapy is a pain-free, non-surgical procedure, often used in physical and sports medicine to rapidly stimulate the healing process. It offers non-invasive treatments to promote rapid healing for those who suffer from pain in muscles, nerves and joints by increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, improving tissue healing, and decreasing pain.

Specialized Therapeutic Exercises help decrease painful muscle spasms in the jaw muscles, help improve movement of the jaw leading to decrease in stress and pain.

The Journal of Oral Rehabilitation also recommends examination of the cervical spine in TMJD patients because neck posture and pressure on the nerves that control the jaw muscles can cause additional stress and dysfunction to the jaw.

Results that help get your quality of life back!

We have developed, tested, and refined our treatment protocol. The vast majority of our patients who follow our treatment guidelines achieve significant relief from their jaw symptoms as seen in the video above.

When you come in for your TMJD evaluation you will receive the following:

  1. An in-depth consultation about the problem to listen to the details of your case.
  2. A comprehensive neuromuscular jaw examination.
  3. A thorough analysis and review of the exam findings.
  4. Once the Doctor determines if he can accept your case, he will explain your findings and what treatments you may qualify for. You then get to choose what works best for you before any treatment begins.

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