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Are you experiencing the pain of migraine headaches? Our experienced chiropractors can help. Contact us today!

Back Pain

So many people in Woodbury suffer from back pain. Our chiropractors can help. Contact us today!

Neck Pain

Are you experiencing neck pain? Our chiropractors can help. Contact us today!

Community Focused

Community FocusedAt Schotzko Chiropractic we strive to do anything we can to reach out to the people of Woodbury and surrounding communities.

Affordable Care

Affordable CareAt Schotzko Chiropractic we implement a personalized chiropractic plan for each family.

Corrective Care

Corrective CareAt Schotzko Chiropractic we offer excellent chiropractic care. We strive to provide the best chiropractic care for each patient.

Woodbury Chiropractor

Thank you for choosing us as your woodbury chiropractor.  One of the most popular forms of healthcare today is chiropractic. Ever since 1895 chiropractors have been helping patients recover from a huge number of health problems.  As a chiropractor office in woodbury,  we see that number of patients that see chiropractic professionals continues to rise every year. This informative article will help you understand what we do as a chiropractor office in woodbury and to be able to understand a number of of the remarkable things that chiropractic can do for you.  Our Woodbury chiropractic office is dedicated to helping the people of the greater Woodbury area.

DD Palmer performed what is considered the very first true chiropractic adjustment. Doctor Palmer helped a man get his hearing back by adjusting his spine. DD and his son BJ Palmer worked to map out the association between the nerves that exit the vertebrae, and the bodily organs they are connected to. Their work has helped countless millions of people today to overcome health issues which may never have otherwise been corrected without a visit ot the chiropractor.

Our Doctor is a chiropractor that has been fortunate to help patients with a great number of conditons related to chiropractic.  We pride ourselves on being the best chiropractor possible, so  we spend time with each of our patients to make sure they are able to get the most out of their care with us.

What do Chiropractors do?

Well, everybody knows that your spine is an immensely important part of our body, but most people do not realize how critical it actually is to get checked by a chiropractor. Nerves control everything in the body. The main branches of nerves exit the vertebral column. If your spine is out of alignment this can cause discomfort and inflammation around the nerve branches. Stress on spinal nerves can bring on numerous different conditions. Patients can experience everything from slight pain and discomfort to loss of organ function.  Chiropractic doctors are qualified to uncover areas of nerve pressure, and they can really help align your spinal column to remove that pressure.

There are so many benefits to chiropractic. If your nervous system if functioning at 100% you can see improved immune function, faster healing, and overall improved organ function.

Many of the patients we see ask us what chiropractic is? This kind of care is for people that like to be proactive with their health. Wellness also helps to prevent a lot of the long term damage and decay that is present in most spines. Most chiropractic wellness patients see incredible health benefits, and healthcare savings.

Today is a great day to get started on a pathway back to health. Call our woodbury chiropractic office to get scheduled for your first visit and consultation with our highly trained chiropractor. We are honored to be a part of your overall health team as your chiropractor.

By Adam Schotzko

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