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Chronic knee joint pain and arthritis is a condition that too many people suffer with every day. In fact nearly 50% of all people will live with knee pain by the time they are 85 years old. Most of our chronic knee pain patients range from 40-80+ years. One thing most of them have in common is that they all tell us that the chronic knee pain makes it difficult to:

  • Go up and down stairs
  • Get in and out of a chair
  • Walking
  • Working out or dancing
  • Bending down to pick things
  • Trying to get things out of lower cabinets or drawers
  • Not as active around the house as they want to be
  • Cannot play with the grandkids like they want to or keep up with them.

Does this sound like you or a loved one? If so, there may be hope!

With our non-drug, non-injection, non-surgical treatment, we’ve been able to dramatically help patients who suffer with chronic knee joint pain and knee arthritis. We see patient get sign
ificant decreases in pain, improved range of motion and improved freedom to be able do daily activities that they were not able to do prior to our specialized treatments. The best part about our advanced Knee Laser Treatment and Non-Surgical Knee Procedures is that patients can see improvements after the very 1st trial treatment or we don’t accept them for care. More about that in a second but let’s look at the other treatments patients try for chronic knee pain.


Medications that are anti-inflammation or pain killers may help to temporarily cover up the symptoms of chronic knee pain but they do not do anything to fix the damage in the knee that is causing it in the first place.

Not to mention side effects can be stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, kidney problems and heart problems. Most patients progressively get worse because it doesn’t stop the underlying degeneration from occurring.


This is a similar approach as medications; but it is more aggressive. While people who get needle injections tend to see more relief than just taking over the counter anti-inflammatory pills, the purpose is the same, cover up the symptoms but does not fix the actual underlying problem that causes the knee to wear out, degenerate and become painful.

Most people who get injections will have to follow up on an ongoing basis multiple times per year for ongoing injections once the medication wears off because it does not change any damage in the knee and the pain eventually comes back.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the entire knee joint and surfaces. As is any surgical intervention it is invasive and requires a lengthy rehabilitation process. Some serious side effects from knee replacements can be blood clots and infections.

Also the devices that are installed, wear out over time, meaning you may have to get another knee replacement surgery down the road and that’s why they try to not perform knee replacement surgeries if possible until the patient is in their 60’s to 70’s.

How is Our Approach Different?

To truly repair your knee pain we must understand what is really causing your problem. You see most doctors never take the time to show their patients what is actually causing the arthritis, pain, and grinding in their knees.

Picture this scenario: you have one tire on your vehicle that is constantly wearing out, you can patch that tire (which is what the shots in your knees are like), and you can even replace the tire (like a knee surgery) but what happens if you never actually get around to fixing the car’s alignment?

You’re exactly right, the tire just keeps wearing out unevenly and you’re back at square one. Any mechanic worth his salt will tell you that you’ve got to fix the alignment; otherwise you’re just putting patches on the real problem.

Now what does this have to do with your knee pain?

The alignment or stability in your knees is maintained by the 12 muscles that surround the knee joint. Those 12 muscles cross your knee to keep it in perfect balance and it has to be in perfect balance to allow the knee to move and hinge normally.

What’s going to happen if some of those muscles get imbalanced and always pull the knee out of alignment? How well is the knee going to work? Not very well right! So it’s going to degenerate and get arthritic, cause pain and not move well! That is the underlying cause of the problem.

This is why medications and injections in the knees often only provide temporary relief– they aren’t getting to the real cause of the problem! This is also why so many people suffering with chronic knee pain tell us that their legs feel weaker than they use to or that their knee will just “give out on them”. Now you understand why!

Our Treatment Plan

The amount of treatment needed to allow the muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage of the knee joint to recover as much as possible varies from person to person and can only be deter-mined after a detailed neurological and orthopedic evaluation.

Our treatment has 4 main goals:

1) Stabilize the 12 muscles of the knee joint.
2) Significantly decrease pain and discomfort.
3) Significantly improve range of motion and functional knee strength.
4) Stimulate cartilage growth.

The breakthrough treatment technology that we specialize in for chronic knee pain and knee arthritis in our office is so effective at decreasing pain and improving range of motion that we guarantee if you don’t see results after the first trial treatment in our office, we will not accept your case for care!

Laser Therapy

Chiropractic Woodbury MN laser Laser Therapy is an outpatient, non-surgical procedure that is used to rapidly decrease pain and inflammation. Even more important is the fact that cold laser therapy has been shown to be able to regenerate the damaged cartilage on the surfaces of the joints. The energy from the laser accelerates the growth of the cartilage cells, helping the knees glide more smoothly with less pain.


Non-surgical Knee Procedure

Our non-surgical knee procedure is an advanced specialized neurological muscle assessment and treatment system which helps immediately relieve pain, improve range of motion, strength and muscular performance.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

This technology stimulates the bones piezoelectric property to generate its own, internally generated electrical signal that the brain senses, which has classically been used for healing non-fused bones, but can also be used to release endorphins. These endorphins can mitigate the local joint pain, improving circulation through the use of the venous muscle pump system and reducing swelling.

The Answer to Your Knee Pain?

We have developed, tested, and refined our treatment protocol.  The vast majority of our patients who follow our treatment guidelines achieve significant relief from their knee symptoms as seen in the videos above.

The patients we accept into our treatment program typically see a 70%-100% improvement in their knee condition.  Like we said earlier, the best part is that patients can start to see improvements after the very 1st trial treatment or we don’t accept them for care.

Typically about 80% of patients will see positive improvements after the 1st trial treatment and for the 20% that don’t, we refer them out.

When you come in for your Knee Pain Evaluation, it will consist of the following:

  1. Thorough Consultation with the Doctor.
  2. Detailed neurological and orthopedic evaluation.
  3. Detailed analysis of the findings of your exam.
  4. Trial Knee Treatment to see if you qualify for care.
  5. If you qualify for care, then the Doctor will explain what your treatment plan is and answer any cost or insurance questions you may have. You then get to choose what works best for you.

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